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Brief 3:30 AM snow update:

- The National Weather Service (1st image) has continued to move the snow southeastward in southern New England as the models continue to show the rain changing to snow tomorrow (Monday). There is only a slight chance that it ends as a little sleet or wet snow on Long Island.

- No changes really for the mid-week storm as it looks like a little front-end snow on Long Island for 2 or 3 hours Wednesday late morning into early afternoon. Best chance for a few hours of snow is northern Nassau, and some sleet is possible also with the best chance of mostly rain being for southeastern Suffolk, but there is plenty of time to fine-tune the forecast, and the Long Island forecast is always updated in the app.

- The 2nd image is the GFS snow map for both storms combined, and I will have more updates today, of course.

- It still looks colder in early February, even if it's not a major Arctic blast. The 3rd image does a good job of showing the snow potential for Long Island.

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