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Brief 3:30 AM update on Tuesday A.M. snow shower potential and the big northeast storm next weekend:

- A fast moving and weak system will be moving through Monday night into Tuesday morning, and it will bring a chance of rain or snow showers, depending on the exact track. I have included the Euro video below from 10 PM Monday to 10 AM Tuesday. It's not a big deal, but I will have more updates on it as it gets closer and we get within NAM and HRRR range.

- While the new Euro does have snow for Long Island next Sunday night from the big storm, there really aren't any changes to what I posted last night as the exact evolution of the storm is uncertain. Some ensemble members still show a snowstorm for Long Island (see 3rd image), but the chances are fairly low that it will be a mostly snow event here. You can see in the 2nd image that the track doesn't favor a storm offshore, but rather more along/near the coast. I have included the maps for next Sunday morning from all 50 Euro ensemble members in the 4th and 5th images.

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