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***Brief but important update on the heavy rain and the tropical storm or hurricane for Florida***

- Heavy rain is approaching Long Island (2nd image is 4:49 AM and it's moving slowly east) with downpours at times tapering off west to east in the afternoon, but scattered showers and thunderstorm chances remain through tonight.

- A pretty good weekend overall, but warm tomorrow and still humid.

- Rain at times in the Tues/Wed period, and then beautiful starting on Thursday with cooler weather and low humidity and then warming up a little each day through the holiday weekend.

- I have posted the ensembles below for potential Tropical Storm or Hurricane Idalia (as long as the name doesn't get taken first, but it doesn't look like it will). The NHC will probably have to start advisories as a Potential Tropical Cyclone before it becomes a Depression. Maybe they do it tomorrow or Sunday, not sure. Landfall looks to be around Wednesday, but a very important point is that a slower and stronger storm would make landfall more towards the Panhandle, while a faster and weaker (tropical storm) system would make landfall more along the west/southwest coast of Florida.

- As for Franklin, it will become a hurricane this weekend with no real changes in the track (see 5th image).

- I will have more updates until early afternoon and then again tonight after 7:45.

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