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Coastal effects for Long Island from offshore Hurricane Teddy:

Here is a link with more information on the specific advisories:

The following is from the National Weather Service covering Long Island and the tri-state area:

TIDES/COASTAL FLOODING... Widespread dune erosion and scattered overwashes expected for the ocean beachfront Sunday into Monday... Numerous tidal cycles of minor coastal flooding expected for the south shore bays of W LI, Lower NY/NJ harbor, SW CT, and S Westchester Tonight through Sunday, possibly though early next week... Astronomical tides continue to run high associated with a recent new moon, with a persistent NNE flow through Monday and tidal piling allowing for 1/2 to 1 1/2 ft of surge. Primary concern is the combination of elevated water levels and incoming energetic swells from Teddy building to our shores Saturday Night into Monday. This is expected to develop high surf of 8-12 ft Sunday into Monday, which combined with elevated water levels during the times of high tide will likely result in significant and widespread erosion and damage to dune structures. In addition, scattered overwashes are likely, resulting in minor to moderate flooding of roadways and vulnerable structures behind protective dunes. This is depicted in the NOAA/USGS Coastal Change Forecast Viewer, which is showing potential for an erosion and overwash event close to what was seen the October 10th 2019 Nor`easter and possibly during Hurricane Jose swell event. In terms of the coastal flood threat, minor coastal flooding is expected along the south shore back bays of Nassau and Queens for this evening`s high tide cycle. The widespread minor coastal flooding threat will expand during the Saturday morning/afternoon high tides into the lower NY/NJ harbor and SW CT, S Westchester as well. A similar threat likely for Sunday morning high tides. Brief and localized minor flooding likely for the night time high tides Sat Night and Sun Night. A similar coastal flood threat is likely to at least continue into the Monday and Tuesday daytime high tidal cycles as Hurricane Teddy makes it closest approach, with potential for moderate coastal flood impacts along vulnerable Great South Bay and areas as energetic swells from Teddy restrict tidal drainage.

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