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Cold and becoming calm followed by rain with higher elevation snow north, then dry, breezy, & cold:

- It will be a cold day with highs around 40 degrees on Long Island, but at least it will be nearly calm this afternoon and tonight. - Rain arrives on Long Island mostly after 7 PM tomorrow and ends very early Monday morning from west to east. I have included the rain and snow maps below. I will also post a future radar timing video later this morning. - Generally breezy and cold from Monday night into Wednesday with some very cold nights. - Dry weather through the week with a chance of showers by Friday night and Saturday.

- 1st image: My 5 day forecast for Long Island - 2nd image: Projected temperatures for Long Island from the Euro ensembles - 3rd image: 1 AM Monday from the NAM - 4th and 5th images: Precipitation and snow maps through Monday

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