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Concerning 12Z Runs For Florida From the Hurricane Models

- It's hard to ignore that both of the hurricane models (HWRF and HMON) show TD13 strengthening to a strong Cat 3 hurricane and making landfall along the southeastern coast of Florida on Monday. I do think they are a bit overdone, but it shows the potential for at least a Cat 2 landfall exists. Remember, it will be very slow to intensify for the next couple of days.

- That is not a forecast, see previous posts for more information and the complete picture, and always pay attention to official information from the National Hurricane Center.

- Also, both the HWRF and HMON bring Tropical Depression Fourteen generally towards New Orleans as a strong tropical storm.

- We don't know which storm will be named Laura first. The other will be Marco.

- I will continue to update.

- The 1st and 2nd images are for 2 PM Monday from the brand-new 12Z runs of the HWRF and HMON models. The 3rd image is also for 2 PM Monday from the HWRF model.

- The 4th image is the official forecast information from the National Hurricane Center.

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