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Concerning Trend For Potential Future Strength of Laura

- Texas and Louisiana really need to watch both storms, but I am especially concerned about Laura. The Euro ensembles (1st image), newly upgraded GFS ensembles (2nd image), and the high-resolution hurricane models (HWRF and HMON) show that there is potential for Laura to be stronger than the National Hurricane Center is presently showing. There is still a lot of uncertainty, so hopefully tomorrow and Sunday we will get more clarity. With it potentially going more towards Texas, landfall wouldn't be until next Wednesday or Wednesday night.

- The 3rd and 4th images show the early 00Z track guidance from various models for Laura and future Marco, respectively.

- See previous posts for more information, and always pay attention to official forecasts from the National Hurricane Center.

- I will have a full update by 5:15 AM.

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