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Cool and dreary weather continues before some partial mid-week sun...

... with an update on Fri/Sat before the sunny and warmer weather, as well as maps for Philippe and future Rina:

- The steady moderate to occasionally heavy rain right now is mostly well north of Long Island in northern CT and central to western MA into south-central NY (see radar below), but it will eventually sink southeastward and temperatures will drop from around 63 degrees on Long Island now into the upper 50's by mid to late afternoon. Breezy conditions continue into tomorrow with a northeasterly flow.

- Any lingering scattered showers should end mostly tomorrow morning, and then we should get some sun on Wednesday and partial sunshine on Thursday as clouds increase.

- It looks like around a 30% chance that the showers return from late Thursday night into Saturday morning, so stay tuned as it's still uncertain.

- It then looks like really nice weather from Sunday into next Tuesday with above average temperatures.

- Philippe looks like it will stay weaker and head more WNW, and Rina will likely for behind it later this week with a chance to become a hurricane and curve northward before getting to Bermuda, so there doesn't appear to be any major issues to worry about right now.

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