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Damaging wind gust potential for Christmas morning:

The Euro and GFS continue to signal the potential for damaging wind gusts from the SSE late Christmas Eve night or on Christmas morning for Long Island and eastern New England. The 1st image shows the maximum projected wind gusts in knots (multiply by 1.15 to convert to mph) from the Euro. While the 80 mph wind gusts won't happen on Long Island, gusts over 60 mph are possible. There will also be a period of heavy rain; the 2nd and 3rd images are for 7 AM and 1 PM on Christmas with precipitation (liquid equivalent) amounts for the previous 6-hour period and the dominant precipitation type for those 6 hours.

I will have a brief update sometime around 8:30 tonight.

Note: Wind gusts will likely be lower than shown in the following image:

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