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Strong wind gust potential next?

After the snow tomorrow, the next thing I'll be updating on is the potential for briefly strong wind gusts overnight Thursday night to go along with the moderate to heavy downpours. This will be due to a strong low-level jet just ahead of the cold front, so the question will be how much do the strong winds mix down to the surface. With heavier downpours, the GFS and Euro are showing impressive wind gust potential. So are you going to go with the National Weather Service, which right now is saying that wind gusts of 30 to 35 mph are possible? The models are showing much higher wind gust potential, but don't take the model wind gusts maps literally. I would reduce them by 25%, but even with that reduction, there is the potential for gusts of 45 to 60 mph.

The 1st image is the GFS, and the 2nd image is the Euro, but both maps are in knots, so to convert to mph, just multiply by 1.15.

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