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***Deadly flooding expected for interior northeast*** and red zone now includes parts of Nassau:

You can see the excessive rainfall/ flash flooding maps with the red zone indicating a greater than 40% chance of seeing flash flooding within 25 miles of any given location. This is serious and there will likely be some fatalities. Take a look at all of the rainfall maps below with the HRRR and NAM indicating the potential for as much as 10 inches of rain in parts of Vermont.

For Long Island, most of the rain will be tonight into tomorrow morning, and there can even be flash flooding and localized higher rainfall totals up to 3 inches in some spots. Again, look at the rainfall maps from the HRRR and NAM to see how localized some of the higher totals can be, and of course, some places won't get too much rain at all. I have posted a future radar video at the bottom from the HRRR model from 2 PM today to 2 AM Tuesday to show the general idea, and I will post an updated future radar video later this morning. After this is all over, we have the hot weather for Tuesday to Thursday, but focused on Wednesday with temps around 90 degrees on Long Island, but the humidity will only be mostly moderate before the humidity and showers and thunderstorms return later in the week.

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