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Delta entering intensification phase:

Tropical Storm Delta is about to steadily to rapidly intensify to a 105 mph hurricane (or potentially higher) in the next couple of days.

Also, with the center of circulation having re-formed farther south, it leaves the window open for it to track a little farther west before turning to the north.

The following is from the National Hurricane Center:

Delta is forecast to traverse very warm waters over the northwestern Caribbean Sea and be in a very low vertical wind shear environment during the next couple of days.  These conditions should allow for significant strengthening during that time, and the NHC intensity 
forecast is at or above the various intensity aids.  It is somewhat 
surprising that the intensity aids were generally a little lower 
this cycle, but the expected low shear and SHIPS rapid 
intensification index support the higher than climatological rate 
of intensification.  After 72 hours, increasing southwesterly shear 
and the cooler shelf waters over the northern Gulf are likely to 
induce some weakening later in the period.  The updated NHC 
intensity forecast calls for a faster rate of intensification over 
the next 48-60 hours, but is similar to the previous advisory 

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