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Early look at the potential northeast storm for Nov 30th to Dec 2nd:

We all know about the rain tonight into tomorrow morning and also for Thanksgiving, but there are some pretty decent signals for a fairly strong storm for the northeast between Nov 30th and Dec 2nd. While it will most likely be a cutter (with the center being well inland), some of the Euro ensembles are showing a secondary storm forming just off the coast. While it will most likely be rain with some gusty winds for Long Island as the cold front comes through, some of the Euro ensemble members are showing snow even on Long Island.

- The 1st image shows the tracks from the ensemble members, the 2nd and 3rd images are for 7 AM Nov 30th and 7 PM on Dec 1st, the 4th image shows the ensemble members snow for Long Island, and the last image shows the wind gusts for Long Island from the ensemble members.

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