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Euro and more ensembles now show *potential* big snowstorm next weekend, even for L.I.!

- Quite an amazing change in the Euro ensembles, although the Euro now for 3 runs in a row has been fairly consistent. They are basically showing the secondary storm forming farther south, which means it brings the cold and snow farther south. The Canadian is mostly offshore with the storm, and the GFS is later and has the storm basically stall farther north with huge snow totals in central to northern New England, so the potential is there, and it will be fascinating watching the models the next few days. The timing from the Euro and ensembles is mostly around Saturday into Sunday morning. Remember, it's very early, and the chances are still low for now for any given location, but with more confidence for a storm in general.

- I have included maps from the Euro and ensembles below with the Euro being the 1st and 2nd images. The ensemble mean snow map for the next 10 days is below the 2 images with all 50 10-day snow maps from the ensemble members.

- More updates today with the big being from the new Euro and Euro ensembles this afternoon.

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