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Euro comes in strong for Hurricane Zeta and the snow, cold, and wind in the northeast!

Firstly, Zeta was officially upgraded to a hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph and a minimum central pressure of 981 mb.

The Euro came in really strong with a lot of rain, snow, cold, and wind in the northeast, but it's likely overdone. Looking at the Euro ensembles, they actually trended north with the snow. Everyone wants to see the maps though, so here you go, but these are not forecasts.

I will have more updates later this afternoon evening.

- 1st to 3rd images: Projected snowfall, total precipitation, and max gusts (in knots) from the Euro through 8 AM Saturday

- 4th image: Projected snowfall through 8 AM Saturday from the Euro ensemble mean

- 5th image: Projected wind chill temperatures at 8 AM Saturday from the Euro

- 6th image: Hurricane Zeta

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