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Euro ensembles for the potential snow next week and comments from the NWS:

This image shows the projected snowfall for Long Island for the next 15 days as a running total from every Euro ensemble member. There aren't a lot of them that are showing a snowstorm for the middle of next week, but the ones that do are showing pretty high amounts. They key will be to watch the trend over the next several days.

Here are comments from the National Weather Service covering Long Island and the tri-state area regarding next week:

"The jet becomes more amplified to end the weekend and into early next week, getting more meridional orientation. GFS, Canadian and ECMWF (Euro) all indicate this but to varying degrees with much more variation of a track of a surface low. High pressure builds across the local region at the surface going into Monday and will then weaken and depart Monday night into Tuesday. A low may approach close to the area for next Tuesday with very low chance of rain or snow at this point but with lack of confidence kept POPS less than 30 percent. Temperatures for next Monday night through Tuesday of next week are quite uncertain and will be highly dependent on the track of low pressure as it approaches."

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