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Euro shows snowstorm early next week. Impressive gusts this afternoon... 94 mph offshore!

I will have a recap later of the wind gusts reported today but impressive gusts over 60 mph on Long Island and over 70 mph on Block Island. Even gusts over 90 mph offshore! See last image for max gusts between 2:45 and 3:00 this afternoon.

The setup for the potential storm late this weekend or early next week is very complex and the models are still all over the place. The Euro is showing a snowstorm from Long Island into eastern New England next Monday into Tuesday (1st image) as the storm deepens offshore and moves only very slowly. The Euro ensembles are shown in the 2nd image. The GFS (3rd image) and GFS-parallel both have an offshore storm, but the Canadian (4th image) and ICON have an inland storm. It will be very interesting to watch the models try to get a handle on it over the next few days.

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