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Euro stands its ground with rain/snow line and the storm for late next week looks interesting!

- The Euro held its ground with the rain/snow line, but it has lower totals overall for Long Island and southern New England (see 1st image) as it has the secondary storm stay fairly far south of Long Island and head due east. The Euro is showing around 7 hours of snow on Long Island before sleet and then rain take over by Tuesday morning.

- The Euro then has the Friday into late Friday night storm (see 2nd image), and the ensembles will be interesting on it as they look to have a nice track offshore to the south of Long Island (see 3rd image).

- I will continue to update, so stay tuned. Let's see if the National Weather Service raises their totals for Long Island for the Monday night storm since they are currently at less than a half-inch, LOL.

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