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From AccuWeather on the upcoming storm early next week:

Wintry precipitation is expected to spread into portions of the central Appalachians and mid-Atlantic region beginning later this weekend, where moisture from the Atlantic Ocean will come into play. And, the forecast in this area may get even more tricky during early next week.

"How much snow falls from the mid-Atlantic and central Appalachians to New England may depend on whether the storm re-strengthens or a secondary storm forms along the Atlantic coast on Monday," DePodwin said. "A stronger storm or near-coast secondary storm would have the potential to bring heavy snow to the Northeast while a weaker storm or no secondary storm might only bring light and easily managed precipitation," DePodwin added. AccuWeather forecasters will be monitoring closely for signs that the second part of the storm along the Atlantic coast could develop. Should conditions allow that storm to develop, a potent nor'easter could unfold. With the cold air in place, a nor'easter could stall over the Northeast and have the potential to deliver heavy snowfall in some areas, as well other impacts such as gusty winds and possible coastal flooding.

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