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GFS shows a major northeast snowstorm late next week, but the Euro ensembles aren't bullish:

It's time to have some fun, so here's the GFS snow map showing a big snowstorm next Friday (11/5) into next Saturday (11/6). However, the chances of it happening like this are very low, as the Euro ensembles are not bullish on it right now. There could still be a snow event late next week, but the best chance is for the higher elevations and interior northern and western New England and NY state. There WILL be colder air coming, as you can see in the 4th image.

- 1st image: GFS snow map for the next 10 days

- 2nd image: Euro ensemble mean snow map for the next 10 days

- 3rd image: Projected temperature anomaly at 2 PM Friday, November 5th

- 4th image: Projected storm locations and strengths from the Euro ensemble members at 2 AM on Saturday, November 6th.

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