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Ida intensifying (winds already up to 65 mph) and NHC now projecting 120 mph winds!

Getting closer to my Cat 4 call!

More posts when I get caught up. The 1st image is now and the 2nd image is from the HWRF right before landfall.

Check this out from the NHC: Ida is now forecast to become a hurricane when it is near western Cuba and once it moves over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico a period of rapid strengthening is likely to begin, with the NHC intensity forecast explicitly calling for rapid intensification to major hurricane strength between 24 and 48 hours. The official intensity forecast is on the higher side of the intensity guidance but not quite as high as the slightly more aggressive CTCI, HWRF, and CCA models. In addition to the increase in strength, the dynamical model guidance indicates that Ida's wind field will grow larger as it moves over the Gulf of Mexico and this is reflected in the NHC wind radii forecast.

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