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Ida, remnants to bring rain to the northeast, the rest of the tropics, and Long Island:

4:30 AM update on Ida with the remnants to bring heavy rain to the northeast, the Flash Flood Warning for Suffolk, the rest of the tropics, and the Long Island forecast:

- This post is before the 5 PM advisory comes out, but I'm not expecting any significant changes with the forecast for Ida. Steady to rapid intensification is likely today into tomorrow right up until landfall, probably as a Cat 4. You all know about the 10 to 20 inches of rain, 10 to 15 foot storm surge, and wind gusts right along the coast that will likely be in excess of 130 mph. I have included the max gust maps from the Euro and NWS. - The remnants of Ida are likely to bring a swath of heavy rain to the northeast, but the exact track is still a little uncertain. The Euro has the heaviest area around Long Island, the GFS has it a little north, and then WPC is favoring it to be just south of Long Island. - There is currently a Flash Flood Warning for parts of Suffolk has heavy thunderstorms aren't moving much right now. - The potentially strong hurricane for later next week into next weekend still looks like it has a good chance of curving north before getting anywhere near the Caribbean Islands or Bermuda, but I will keep watching it.

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