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**Important update on the thunderstorms for Long Island with the potential for damaging wind gusts**

The following is from the National Weather Service:

- The high res guidance continues to be in good agreement on convection merging into a linear structure as it moves towards the coast. There is always some question as to how strong the

convection will be as it nears the coast. However, there is a pretty good signal... for the convection to maintain itself as it reaches the coast. It appears that cold pool development along the leading edge of the convection should help support the storms down to the coast. The direction of movement is also a bit more favorable as well.

- Marine inversion could be overturned with this environment and allow for damaging wind gusts potential all the way to the coast.

- SPC continues with a slight risk for the entire area. Have included mention of damaging wind gusts in the forecast from about 4-7pm inland and about 6pm-9pm at the coast. The timing on the models may be a bit slow and think the convection could arrive a few hours sooner than they are simulating.

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