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Latest maps for the Arctic blast as 2 cold fronts will bring the wind through in waves:

The first cold front later this afternoon will bring wind gusts up to 35 mph on Long Island. However, it's the Arctic cold front that will bring the really strong gusts of 45 to 55 mph when it arrives between around 8 PM and 9 PM on Long Island, and there may also be a brief snow shower or snow squall that would only last around 10 minutes. The strongest of wind gusts will continue until around 3 AM, but gusts over 35 mph will continue into tomorrow afternoon.

- 1st image: Simulated future radar for 9 PM

- 2nd image: Projected wind gusts at midnight

- 3rd image: Projected wind chill temperatures at 6 AM tomorrow

- 4th image: Projected temperatures at 6 AM tomorrow

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