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Latest on the forecast, Philippe, and another potential storm next weekend:

***Long Island forecast with the latest rainfall maps and info on Philippe and the tropics (Sean and Tammy next) with a fairly impressive early storm signal for the northeast NEXT weekend (Oct 14th/15th)***

- No real changes to the general thinking with the front approaching and Philippe becoming post-tropical and intensifying (to around 60 mph winds with higher gusts) as it heads towards DownEast Maine/ western Nova Scotia. Before it gets there though, there is a Tropical Storm Warning for Bermuda with the potential for 3 to 5 inches of rain. - I have included the rainfall maps from the Weather Prediction Center and Euro below, and you can see the Euro with a more pronounced band of higher totals from western Long Island up through eastern NY state with much lower totals from eastern Long Island up into Rhode Island and parts of southern MA before you get into the rain from post-tropical Philippe. - You all know about the much cooler air behind the storm with some chilly nights early next week. - There continues to be a fairly impressive storm signal for NEXT weekend, and that will eventually become the main focus. - I have included the Euro ensembles map below, and you can see the next areas of tropical development are in the eastern Atlantic (nothing to worry about) and the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. The next 2 names on the list are Sean and Tammy. - More updates to come!

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