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Latest snow maps:

Here are the latest snow maps, and the following is from the National Weather Service covering Long Island and the Tri-State area: Winds rapidly pick up Thursday night as the surface low pressure strengthens off the Mid-Atlantic coastline. NE winds become more northerly after midnight and pick up in intensity to 15-25 mph with gusts up to 35mph persisting through much of the day Friday. With the rapidly strengthening northerly wind, cold air advection is expected to persist into the early morning as the low pressure pulls away from the coast. There are many uncertainties as to how the late night develops but as of right now, thinking is that CAA cools the profile enough to begin mixing with and potentially changing over to snow in the Interior as early as 2-5AM. Beyond that it remains possible that as the precipitation pulls away, further cooling closer to the coast continues and coastal areas see a mix or changeover to snow before 8AM. Any accumulation of snow is heavily dependent on the intensity of the precipitation and how early the changeover occurs. Interior locations may see 1-3 inches of snow with coastal locations likely seeing less than an inch if any at all. Given the uncertainties, confidence in this changeover/transition to snow is low at this time, especially closer to the coast, but should it occur under a heavier band, snow can rapidly accumulate with strong lift still over the area. Precipitation comes to end Friday morning from west to east with gusty northerly winds persisting. This strong CAA will mean highs on Friday remain below average, only in the middle to upper 30s, as skies become clear during the late afternoon.

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