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Latest snow maps, but still some uncertainty, and waiting on some new NWS snow maps:

- The new NWS snow maps are just starting to come out, and here is the one for Long Island and also the latest snow maps from the models (all dynamic ratio snow maps) and also the future radar from the new NAM. There is still some uncertainty for Long Island and exactly when the rain changes to snow tomorrow. The HRRR and NAM both basically show it changing to snow by around mid to late morning in Nassau and in the afternoon in Suffolk from west to east with the snow ending by around midnight Tuesday night from west to east. The NWS thinks the timing of the change to snow will be mostly in the mid to late afternoon for Long Island.

- The following snow maps are from the NWS NY, Model Blend, HRRR, NAM, Euro, GFS, and National Weather Service (not fully updated yet), and the future radar video from the NAM goes from 8 AM today to 8 AM Wednesday.

- Obviously, more posts to come!

- 5:13 AM Edit: The NWS snow map for southern New England just came out, so I added it all the way at the bottom.

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