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Massive wind field from Hurricane Teddy:

In this image, which is a projection for 8 AM tomorrow from the Euro, you can see how huge the wind field from Teddy will be! You can access these images in the "My Dashboard" section of the app by zooming out and switching to wind gusts.

The following is from the National Hurricane Center forecast discussion:

  • All of the guidance show Teddy strengthening overnight due to a baroclinic energy infusion from this trough and increased instability from the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream/North Atlantic.

  • Teddy's size will likely double during the next couple of days as it moves northward and interacts with the aforementioned trough. Gale-force winds are likely along portions of the near shore waters of the northeast United States. Please see products from your local office for more information about marine hazards, including extremely dangerous rip currents expected over much of the western Atlantic beaches.

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