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Models signaling New England snow on Tuesday and then a big storm for next Friday, February 12th:

- These National Weather Service model blend maps are extremely useful, and they will be mostly posted in the app going forward. You can see how the snow potential for each storm evolves over time. Don't take the amounts literally as it should be thought of as an ensemble mean, so as the models converge, the snow amounts would increase.

- While we have the weak system for tomorrow and then the potential for a light to moderate snowfall on Sunday, it looks like there may be 2 additional snow events next week. Tuesday looks like it has moderate potential for central to northern New England and NY state. Next Friday could be a more widespread event with snow and some ice for large portions of the east.

- The 1st to 3rd images show the 24-hour snowfall projections from the NWS model blend for the Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday storms, respectively. For the Friday storm, it would last more than 24 hours, so there would also be snow to the southwest of areas shown on this map.

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