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New Euro ensembles are stronger, faster, and closer to eastern New England:

- Firstly, for the Long Island forecast see the last image as it will be another very hot day.

- Hurricane Lee is currently at 989 mb and 80 mph maximum sustained winds, but is still set to rapidly intensify starting today as it's forming an eye right now and be near or at Category 5 strength this weekend before it levels off, fluctuates, and gradually "weakens". The National Hurricane Center is forecasting it to peak at almost Cat 5 intensity with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph with max gusts to 190 mph. The 3rd image is for 8 PM Sunday from the HFAS-B model. Also, it would still be a very large and dangerous storm even if it makes it all the way to eastern Maine or Nova Scotia. The Euro ensembles are generally stronger, faster, and closer to eastern New England as you can see below. There seem to be a bunch of ensemble members that move it due north and even NNW and then a bunch that curve it NNE to NE, so stay tuned! Any potential landfall or impacts in eastern New England look to be around September 16th to 18th.

- Invest 96L will become Hurricane Margot and stay way out in the Atlantic.

- Some Euro ensemble members are hinting at another potential hurricane making it farther west, but nothing to worry about right now.

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