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*Potential* East Coast Hurricane (Nana?) Threat Around Labor Day

While the main focus for the next few days will be on the threat from Tropical Storm (future Hurricane) Laura to the TX/LA coast, and rightfully so, I am always looking ahead. The new 12Z run of the Euro ensembles is showing a potential threat from what could be Hurricane Nana heading towards the east coast around Labor Day. Of course, it's much too early to know specifics. I will be watching it and updating every day just like I have been updating on Laura since before it came off the coast of Africa.

I will have an update on Laura in the next hour or two with the latest information from he models and the new National Hurricane Center update.

This image shows the projected tracks from the Euro ensemble members for the next 15 days. Interestingly, some of them have Laura hang around the east coast instead of heading off to the northeast after coming off the coast.

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