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**Potential For Major Hurricane (Laura) Farther West**

- Euro, GFS, UKMET, HWRF, and HMON models all show Cat 3 or higher landfall for Laura. The GFS, UKMET, and Euro are showing Texas, and the HWRF and HMON have it in Louisiana.

- The early 06Z track guidance for Laura did shift westward, but not by a huge amount.

- The new Euro ensembles are also showing the potential for a major hurricane in Texas.

- In their last advisory, the NHC did go up to 90 mph as a peak intensity for Laura, but they will probably continue to slowly raise that today and tomorrow if the models remain consistent. They will probably also shift their track slightly farther west when the 5 AM advisory comes out.

- For Marco, it's expected to become a hurricane today and peak at 80 mph. However, it's a smaller storm, so it could have more rapid fluctuations up and down in intensity, and I think it should be weakening on approach due to wind shear.

- Briefly, for Long Island, generally very warm and humid today through Tuesday. Slight chance of a thunderstorm today and tomorrow with a higher chance on Tuesday afternoon/evening with the cold front, and there is the potential for strong wind gusts with any thunderstorms on Tuesday (see 3rd image). A little cooler and less humid for Wed/Thurs, and then probably some rain in the Fri/Sat period, and then much cooler and less humid for Sun/Mon with highs only in the mid 70's.

- The last 2 images are the official forecast maps for Marco and Laura from the NHC from the 2 AM advisory. The new maps come out at 5 AM.

- I will have more brief updates this morning and then more detailed updates this afternoon and evening.

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