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Pretty nice weather continues before the Fri/Sat showers, and still waiting on Tammy to form:

- Temperatures will warm up a bit later this week, and Thursday still looks like the best day as there will be periods of showers Friday and Saturday for Long Island. There is still uncertainty exactly where the coastal storm forms, but the overall trend has for it to be farther east. It will still become a strong storm as it heads northward with Maine likely to see the highest rainfall amounts. Rainfall amounts on Long Island from Friday and Saturday combined should be under an inch.

- Tammy is still likely to form later this week and head in the general direction of the northeastern Caribbean islands. It will probably be at tropical storm strength and will hopefully curve northward a little earlier. I have included the tracks below from the Euro ensembles and various models.

- The rainfall maps below are from the Weather Prediction Center, Model Blend, and Euro ensemble mean.

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