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Quick update on future Ida, its remnants next week, and the potential next hurricane next week:

- No major changes with the 5 PM advisory. It's expected to become Tropical Storm Ida tonight and then possibly approach major hurricane status, which is a Cat 3 or higher, by landfall on Sunday, most likely in Louisiana.

- The remnants of future Ida may bring some heavy rain to portions of the mid-Atlantic and possibly Long Island and southern New England next Wed/Thurs.

- The Euro ensembles for the next 15 days is shown in the 3rd image, and so far it looks like the strong hurricane for next week into next weekend may curve north before reaching the east coast of the United States.

- From the NHC for future Ida: Once the system moves over the Gulf of Mexico, it will be traversing a warm eddy, and this feature, combined with a favorable upper-level wind pattern and a moist atmosphere, is likely to result in steady to rapid strengthening on Saturday and Saturday night. The NHC intensity forecast again brings the system to near major hurricane strength when it approaches the northern Gulf coast on Sunday. This is supported by the HWRF and CTCI models, and the global model guidance that has consistently showed significant deepening of the system over the Gulf of Mexico over the past several model cycles.

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