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Quick Update on Laura and Future Marco

- So, the National Hurricane Center did shift the track of Laura westward along the Gulf Coast, like I predicted. I think they will still go farther west with it. I'm concerned about the potential for Laura to undergo rapid intensification when it's in the Gulf of Mexico. The new 18Z runs of the HWRF and HMON both bring it to Cat 4. I'm not saying that will happen, but it could be misleading that the NHC is only forecasting it to reach 75 mph. We will get a better idea tomorrow.

- Tropical Depression Fourteen is expected to encounter wind shear before making it to the coast of Texas, so it's expected to weaken.

- As of the new 8 PM advisory, they are still at 45 mph and 35 mph maximum sustained winds, respectively.

- If you want to see what the HWRF is showing, check out the last image, which I didn't post on the FB page. I do think it will go farther west than that though.

- I will have at least 1 more post tonight.

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