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Quick update on the Christmas storm with potentially damaging wind gusts:

The models continue to show the strong storm/ cold front for the night of Christmas Eve into the morning on Christmas with heavy rain and strong wind gusts. The accumulating snow is expected to be well inland, but there are still some Euro ensemble members showing snow even on Long island (see 2nd image). Both the Euro and GFS are showing wind gusts over 70 mph on Long Island, although they will likely be lower than that.

I will have an update by 5:30 AM tomorrow.

- 1st image: Map from the GFS for 1 AM on Christmas

- 2nd image: Projected maximum wind gusts (in knots) and wind direction between 7 PM and 10 PM on Christmas Eve from the GFS

- 3rd image: Projected snowfall for Long Island for the next 15 days as a running total from every Euro ensemble member.

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