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Quick update on the northeast, Zeta, and the next potential hurricane (Eta):

- Most of the 12Z model runs trended the snow farther south in New England, but the Euro trended a little farther north. The 1st image shows the projected snowfall from the Euro ensemble mean.

- The 2nd image shows the total projected precipitation from the Weather Prediction Center.

- The 3rd image shows the maximum projected wind gusts in knots (multiply by 1.15 to convert to mph) from the Euro.

- Zeta is still a 65 mph tropical storm, but it will become a hurricane and make landfall as a Cat 1 with maximum sustained winds of around 80 mph tomorrow. See the 4th image for the key messages. The maximum projected storm surge has increased to 5 to 8 feet (see 5th image).

- Increasing signals for the potential for the next hurricane (Eta) in the first week or so of November (see 6th image for Euro ensembles for the next 15 days).

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