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Quick update on the rain/wind for New Year's, the slight snowstorm chance, and the LI forecast:

It still looks like a period of rain and wind from a strong cold front on New Year's Eve at night into the morning on New Year's Day, although the Euro is slower with the timing. The Euro is showing the potential for wind gusts up to 55 mph on Long Island, and the GFS is showing some gusts over 65 mph (1st image). It will probably end up being a typical Wind Advisory event with gusts mostly of 40 to 55 mph.

The GFS is showing the potential storm for next Sunday night into Monday (Jan 3rd/4th) coming up the coast (2nd image), but the Euro has it offshore (3rd image). However, at least it's showing a storm. Only 5 of the 50 Euro ensemble members are showing a snowstorm for Long Island (5th image), so while the odds are low, it can't be ruled out yet.


Today (Saturday): Partly cloudy and cold with highs in the low 30's. It will also be breezy with gusts up to 25 mph from the WSW, so it will feel like it's around 20 degrees. Tonight: Mostly clear and a little breezy with lows in the low to mid 20's. It will feel like it's in the teens. Tomorrow (Sunday): Mostly sunny with lighter winds and highs in the upper 30's. Monday: Mostly cloudy and milder with only a very slight chance of a passing shower between late morning and early afternoon with highs in the upper 40's. Tuesday: Mostly sunny, breezy, and cold with highs in the mid to upper 30's. Wind gusts up to 25 mph from the WNW to NW. Wednesday: Mostly sunny with highs in the low 40's. Thursday (New Year's Eve): Cloudy and mild with a chance of showers by afternoon, but a better chance at night. Highs in the mid 50's. There is a chance for wind gusts over 40 mph overnight and up to 50 mph on New Year's Day with more rain.

- 1st image: Projected wind gusts in knots from the GFS for New Year's Day morning

- 2nd image: Map from the GFS for 7 PM next Sunday

- 3rd image: Map from the Euro for 7 AM next Monday

- 4th image: Projected snowfall for the next 10 days from the Euro

- 5th image: Projected snowfall for Long Island for the next 15 days as a running total from every Euro ensemble member

- 6th image: Projected temperatures for Long Island for the next 10 days from the National Weather Service model blend

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