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Quick update on the tropics:

- The system that will be coming off the coast of Africa tomorrow is now up to a 70% chance of tropical development. If the system off the east coast of the Carolinas doesn't become a named storm, this will be named Sally. It will be tracking farther south and west than Paulette and Rene.

- In the 2nd image you can see Paulette, Rene, and the system over Africa aligned from WNW to ESE.

- The 3rd image is the new 06Z Euro ensembles, and you can see the projected tracks from all 3 systems.

- The 4th image is the early 12Z track guidance from various models for Tropical Storm Paulette.

- The 5th image shows the GFS ensembles for the next 10 days.

- See previous post for more information and for the Long Island forecast.

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