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Quick update on the tropics and on the severe weather potential for tomorrow:

Severe thunderstorms:

- The 1st image shows the overall severe thunderstorm potential from 8 AM tomorrow to 8 AM Friday. You can see that the main threat is well to the southwest of Long Island, with a fairly strong tornado signal in and around Washington, D.C. (see 2nd image). Long Island is in the 2% probability zone, and the best chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow night looks to be after 9 PM.


- Not much new to report as Omar is still a non-issue as it heads out to sea. Nana still has a chance to become a hurricane tonight before it makes landfall in Belize. The other 2 systems in the Atlantic are still being given a 30% chance and 60% chance of tropical development within the next 5 days, as of the new 2 PM update from the National Hurricane Center.

- I will probably post the Euro ensembles early this evening, as I have a feeling they are going to be interesting.

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