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Quick update on the weekend storm and the potentially bigger northeast snowstorm next week:

From my previous posts, you already know about the snow for late tomorrow night into Friday staying basically south of Long Island (we may get some flurries or snow showers early Thursday morning), and it will be a nice snowstorm for the central Mid-Atlantic state.

The storm for late Saturday night into Sunday doesn't look like a strong one, but it should bring some accumulations to mostly interior sections of the northeast. I will continue to update on it as it starts to come into focus. The 1st image gives the general idea (not meant to show exact snow amounts) of where snow is possible. It's a model blend map, so think of it as an ensemble mean (average).

There should be a potentially bigger northeast snowstorm for Tuesday night into Wednesday next week which could bring significant accumulations, but as of now, the heavy snow may be mostly inland. However, it's a week away, so there will be shifts. The 2nd image is from 1 PM Tuesday to 1 PM Wednesday, and there would be more snow before that time to the southwest and more snow after that time to the northeast of where it's shown here since this is only a 24-hour snow map.

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