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Rainfall maps, Long Island forecast, Philippe, and another rainstorm next weekend:

***Rainfall maps with some high totals and thunderstorms/ downpours, Long Island forecast, Philippe to become stronger as a post-tropical storm when it gets to DownEast Maine, and still a strong signal for another rainstorm next Saturday***

- I have included the rainfall maps and Long Island forecast below, and I will probably post a new future radar video later this morning. You can see the 2 areas of higher rainfall totals with post-tropical Philippe bringing impressive rain and wind for DownEast Maine. The other is the north-south area of enhanced rainfall from the front with the exact location and amounts a little uncertain, but there is a pretty strong signal for heavy downpours with rainfall amounts up to 3 inches with locally higher amounts possible as you can see in the NAM and HRRR rainfall maps below.

- The rain will be ending from west to east tomorrow evening/night for Long Island and it will become much cooler, less humid, and breezy/windy.

- While the exact details and timing are highly uncertain, it still looks like a good chance for a storm to bring another significant rainfall to the Mid-Atlantic and northeast around next Friday night into Saturday (October 14th).

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