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Snow still on the table as ensembles are fairly impressive for next week!

There are still 2 chances for a snowstorm for Long Island and southern New England next week (around Tuesday into Wednesday morning and also late in the week). For now, we just have to keep watching it, but check out the images below; there are some pretty big ones in there from the Euro ensembles. With an ensemble mean of 7 inches over the next 15 days on Long Island, I would be surprised if we don't at least get some snow.

- 1st and 2nd images: Projected snowfall for Long Island and Boston, respectively, for the next 15 days as a running total from every Euro ensemble member

- 3rd image: Projected snowfall for the next 15 days from the Euro ensemble mean. This is just to give a general idea.

- 4th and 5th images: Projected storms locations from the Euro ensemble members for 7 PM next Tuesday (1/26) and 7 AM next Friday (1/29)

- 6th image: Projected temperatures with ranges for Long Island for the next 15 days from the Euro ensembles

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