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Snow update with all snow maps as NWS shows uncertainty I expressed in my previous post:

See previous post for the complete update. The 1st image is from the National Weather Service, and it shows the uncertainty I expressed earlier this morning in the snowfall totals on Long Island. There is high bust potential in the National Weather Service totals. There will definitely be a heavy thump of snow though with the initial wave, especially between 8 PM and 11 PM tomorrow night. Then we have to watch the sleet line as it will likely get into at least southeastern Suffolk and possibly move northwestward.

There will be huge snowfall totals in southern New England (12 to 18 inches) and westward and southwestward, especially from east-central PA into NW NJ with 18 to 24 inches (see 2nd and 3rd images).

The 4th and 5th images show the snow maps from various models, as compiled by eweather (@eweather13) on Twitter.

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