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Snowfall totals and still snowing on Long Island:

Just incredible snowfall totals in upstate NY with over 40 inches with snowfall rates of 5 inches per hour! There have also been reports of over 40 inches of snow in New Hampshire. The HRRR model seems to have nailed it as it was showing snowfall amounts up to 38 inches. There's a reason I post the HRRR snow maps once we get within range. Also a great job by the new IBM 4km GRAF model.

Here is the radar as of 11:10 AM as a pesky band of snow continues over parts of Long Island.

Now that my snow clean-up is all done, I should have time later to start posting about the interesting weather coming around Christmas.

Here are some preliminary snowfall totals from Long Island:

COMMACK                      8.1 IN    0900 AM 12/17   PUBLIC               
EAST NORTHPORT               8.0 IN    0852 AM 12/17   TRAINED SPOTTER      
CENTERPORT                   6.9 IN    0650 AM 12/17   CO-OP OBSERVER               
UPTON                        6.7 IN    0700 AM 12/16   NWS OFFICE        
ORIENT                       6.5 IN    1118 PM 12/16   TRAINED SPOTTER      
ISLIP                        6.0 IN    0700 AM 12/17   OFFICIAL NWS OBS     
2 N BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABO 5.2 IN    1159 PM 12/16   COCORAHS             
RIVERHEAD                    5.0 IN    0900 AM 12/17   NWS EMPLOYEE         
MANORVILLE 1.5 SSE           4.9 IN    0800 AM 12/17   COCORAHS     

ALBERTSON 0.2 SSE            7.6 IN    0730 AM 12/17   COCORAHS             
SYOSSET                      7.0 IN    0825 AM 12/17   COOP      

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