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So many storms! This is what winter is all about!

I am keeping you all updated on the latest development in this active winter pattern. Also, for the record, I inquired with the National Weather Service today about why they didn't put out a snow map for tonight. I didn't get a response, but you see they later put out the snow map showing 2 to 3 inches of snow for Long Island overnight tonight. The 1st image is the NWS composite snow map for tonight into tomorrow.

The 2nd image shows the 3 to 7 day weather hazards outlook from the Weather Prediction Center, and you can see it's loaded. It shows a heavy precipitation event for Tuesday/ Wednesday next week for Long Island and the surrounding area because of a good signal for sleet and freezing rain. The 3rd image shows the NWS model blend snow map from 7 PM Tuesday to 7 PM Wednesday.

The Saturday night storm will also be somewhat messy with some snow changing to sleet and possibly freezing rain for Long Island and southern New England.

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