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So much going on with extreme cold and multiple storms:

- You already know about the light snow for late tonight into tomorrow morning for Long Island with around an inch or so possible with temps in the upper 20's.

- Then we have the minor to moderate system for Saturday late afternoon into Sunday morning for the northeast. I will have more updates on that, but it's generally a snow to mix scenario for Long Island.

- Check out the projected temperatures anomalies for Valentine's Day, as they are just about off the charts in Texas with the projected max temperature being almost 50 degrees colder than normal!

- The extreme cold plunging all the way deep into southern Texas will produce major snow and ice problems on Monday as the storm heads northeastward.

- While there is uncertainty for the Tuesday storm in the northeast, looking at the GFS (2nd image) could be misleading as the GFS-Parallel (3rd image) and Canadian (4th image) have the snow farther southeast.

- I will continue to update.

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