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Sunday snow may be back in play!

The storm for Sunday has trended closer to the coast now with the GFS and GFS-parallel both showing snow for Long Island and southern New England. This is a developing situation, so we need the 06Z Euro to come on board (7:40 AM Edit: The 06Z Euro trended a lot closer to the coast, but just skims Long Island and SE MA with light rain), or at least more of its ensemble members. The overnight Euro ensembles did trend closer to the coast. The GFS-parallel ensembles are bullish on the storm. While a lot is unknown, it would be a relatively fast-moving storm, so it doesn't have the kind of potential for huge snowfall totals as the storm we just had. I will be updating frequently today into tonight.

- 1st image: Simulated future radar for 1 PM Sunday from the GFS-Parallel

- 2nd image: Maps for 1 PM Sunday from every GFS-Parallel ensemble member

- 3rd image: Map from the GFS for 1 PM Sunday

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