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TD29 forms, Florida potentially in play, and 50 mph wind gusts possible on Long Island:

Invest 96L is now Tropical Depression Twenty-Nine, and it's expected to become Tropical Storm Eta soon and then Hurricane Eta on Monday. It's expected to make landfall in Nicaragua or Honduras on Tuesday morning with the potential for up to 25 inches of rain. There is some uncertainty in the track though.

The Euro ensembles and GFS ensembles are shown in the 2nd and 3rd images, and Florida appears to be in play, but there is a lot of uncertainty.

Long Island:

A Wind Advisory will likely be issued tomorrow for Monday with wind gusts up to 50 mph from the WNW to NW expected on Monday. Maximum projected wind gusts from the National Weather Service are shown in the 4th image. From the NWS: "With still full foliage on tree for city/coast, potential for this to be a more impactful wind advisory event than our typical cool season post frontal wind events."

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