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The Girl in Red, Nana, and Laura Begins Intensification Phase as New 18Z Euro Comes in Strong

Minor tweaks were made to the app this evening as I added a section where you can get your local forecast from the National Weather Service by typing in your zip code. You may have to back out of the app or re-start your phone to see the changes.

I will have a Long Island forecast by 5:30 AM tomorrow along with the latest info on Laura and future Nana.

This (1st image) was definitely me today when I saw the Euro ensembles of what could eventually become Hurricane Nana (the girl in red). Here is incredible footage of how impressive it already looks over Africa:

It has the potential to become a major hurricane that could threaten the east coast of the United States around Labor Day. I will be tracking it every step of the way and will keep you all updated.

Tropical Storm Laura is starting to get that look (see video below) as it's about to enter an intensification phase when it gets into the Gulf of Mexico. Maximum sustained winds are up to 65 mph and it will likely become a hurricane tomorrow. The new 18Z Euro run (see 3rd image) shows it making landfall near the TX/LA border as a Cat 4!

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